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This beach has fine sand and an ideal location with features that make it a perfect place for water sports, especially those which require wind.

It has two clearly distinct parts. One end, just below the village of Sant Martí, you can reach the beach by descending some steps. This area is also known as Miranda Beach (from the lookout point just above it). On the other side, to the north, there is the most natural part of the beach, which takes us the to mouth of the Riuet stream.

Further information
Type of sand: fine
Surface area: 15,667 m2
Length: 445 metres
Access: by car, on foot
Environment: natural


  • Beach Bar
  • Showers
  • Parquing
  • Litter bean
  • Nautical sports
  • Lookout tower
  • Entrance and exit channel for boats
  • Lloguer de patins
  • Skate rentals
  • Sunlounger rentals
  • No dogs alowed


    • Certificat ISO 14001

      Certificat ISO 14001

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